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Join-Precision is a prominent manufacturer of motor test dynamometers based in Taiwan. Since our establishment in 2011, we have been dedicated to delivering more than just system equipment; we aim to be your "Right Partner" in electric testing, providing a new level of expertise.

Our primary focus lies in dynamometer test systems that excel in motor and magnetic performance testing. Additionally, we specialize in developing customized measurement systems tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual customer.

Dynamometer Test System – No. 1 sales in Taiwan

Our dynamometer test systems have achieved remarkable success, becoming the top-selling choice in Taiwan. We firmly believe that effective and transparent communication is the key to achieving accurate and suitable outcomes.

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Motor Dynamometer Test System
The main business items as follows
Inspection system for Motors, Stators, and Rotors. Including Dynamometer, EOL Motor Test System, Hub-Motor magnet and coil polarity test, Motor Durability Test System, Stepper Motor, Stator Winding, Magnetic Mapping Distribution of Permanent Magnets, and Customized System.
Motor Test System
This category contains the introduction of Dynamometers for BLDC & Induction motor & ISG Motor & Compressor Motor & E-bike & E-Scooter & Hub-Motor, Stepper Motor Testers, EOL Motor Test Systems, Cogging Torque, Stator Winding Testers..etc.
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Magnetic Test System
This category contains the introduction of Magnetic Mapping Distribution of Permanent Magnets and EOL Mognetic Distribution Inspection System
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Customized Test System
The Customized Test System is a tailor-made product designed to meet the specific testing requirements of our customers. It is an ideal solution for customers who require a testing system tailored to their unique needs and specifications.
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